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* We ONLY use the best alignment equipment available…HUNTER HAWKEYE ELITE. This system safely and easily positions your vehicle on a lift with WINALIGN software and the use of a drive-on camera, which uses an aligner screen as a guide to ensure the ultimate safety of your vehicle.
Tire Alignments


* Treadwear ratings offer no guarantee of the mileage you have remaining on your current tires. Weather, driving habits, road conditions, alignment, and maintenance all affect tread life.
* Treadwear ratings only allow you to compare the potential life of your tires. These ratings can be interpreted differently depending on the tire manufacturer. Please refer to the Warranty & Service Guide for specific tire manufacturer information, or simply call us at 513-677-4590.


* Tire rotation can be beneficial in several ways. When performed at the recommended times, it can preserve balanced handling & traction, and even-out tire wear. It can even provide performance advantages.
* Many warranties require tire rotation to keep a warranty valid. So, when should you rotate your tires? We recommend tire rotations every 5,000 miles, even if they show no signs of wear. We can very easily and quickly rotate your tires during your oil change visit. This is also a good time to have your tires re-balanced, inspected for damage, tread wear and of course, proper tire pressure.

Tire Balancing


Hubbard recommends the Lexus owners should buy their tires from their dealer. The extremely knowledgeable Lexus Enthusiasts out there who live and breathe Lexus-vehicle modifications (and inherently don’t mind voiding their warranties), of course, pursue aftermarket tires in cool-looking ways. However, for most Lexus owners, it ‘s their dealer who knows how to perform the necessary wheel alignment and how to replace the tire pressure warning valves and transmitters.

Also, deciding to buy from a dealer helps ensure you get tires that match the OEM specs that Lexus engineers set for your vehicle. Tires from retailers, even tires produced by the same manufacturer with the same rating information, may not be of the same quality.

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